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“are you home?”

“do you have 20 minutes for coffee…lunch…grab a bite?”

“Are you near a computer with internet”

”I have something important I want to run by you…”

“It’s important…”

“Listen, when can we get together for 30 minutes…it’s important”

“I don’t know if you are open or looking for something…and if you are not it is ok….but if you are, great!”

”I could clear sometime tonight or tomorrow and share a quick and cool video…cool?”

“I could come by and pick you up and take you right to the people in charge of the program.”

“Can we get on skype for a few minutes, I have something I want to share with you and it’s important”


Share our vision and how this vehicle will help you develop a solid platform to help you launch your passion & mission! And KNOW that most people love to have fun, travel, and make money. Catch up to connect and or reconnect with them first. How are you? Family? Job? Life?

(MEMORIZE word for word the RED SECTION – use this one-on-one, in front of groups, to set up for a travel party at home, over Skype, Facetime, Internet, Google Hangout, www.zoom.us (group conference) etc

Thank you so much for meeting me…

You know me …I am 1) grateful______________2) grateful______________

What you don’t know is that 1) (Vulnerable)______________2) Vulnerable ______________

I have been looking… and praying to______________

Guess what??…I’ve found it! This is BIG and I am ALL IN!

Don’t know how it’s going to strike you? You may love it or not get it right away. Either way, it’s fine with me.

I’m sharing this with a select group of people in order to find a handful to run to the top with me, and I want you to be one of the first to see it. Is that cool?

****OR****Listen, I’m sorting through my list to find people that want more in life and take this all the way to the top with me, and I want you to be one of the first to see it. Is that cool? Wait for an answer! If “YES” have them watch the Presentation (US Version) or International Version DVD, Live Presentation. Keep it simple & duplicable!


When the video stops “It’s awesome… isn’t it? let’s do this together, ME and YOU, are you ready to get started?“ or “What part do you like, travel or money?” …listen for an answer…

WV Forms – You and your team should ALWAYS have: Income Disclosure, DT Product App, Rep Agreement, 4 Step Cycle of Duplication to IMD.


Crucial STEP. MUST ATTEND TRAINING. NO question here if you want to be IMD. Watch www.GetStartedFast.net by Matt Morris & Text Your Name & email address to 972-916-9627 & go to www.CalledToSucceed.com Watch “Getting Started Videos by Jefferson Santos.

Attend the next WV event, Super Saturday or RTE www.WVEventReg.com register training online!

RTE March 7th, Convention April 17-19th, RTE May 16th, RTE June 13th, Boot Camp July 10-12th, RTE Aug 15th, RTE Sept 12, The View Oct 16-18th, RTE Dec 5th, go to www.WVEventReg.com

Who is ONE person can we call & show right now? Look at step I, which is Invite, use the one or 2 lines that you’re comfortable with and USE IT NOW!! Remember, we can only show the video and get your upline/team leaders to answer all the questions. YOU don’t have to answer any questions because you have to show them that there is a team that is working with you and that will be working with them as well. This is a 4-Step Cycle of Duplication to IMD… The sooner you get going to the steps, the faster you win!

REPEAT the 4-Steps:  Remember, YOU can either get a PhD through which to know everything in WV or you get an IMD!! Your choice, make the choice and follow the system.  Learn, Apply, and Follow. Websites: YourUSERID.DreamTrips.com You can view DreamTrips online & Other Travel Booking YourUserID.WorldVentures.biz (Your Business Back Office, login and get familiarize with it)