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2 Step Text Sample Script

You can “Copy” and “Paste” them right into your text message!

Here is a time-tested, effective sample script for setting appointments via text.
The first thing you want them to do is to step into a BIG BUCKET [give them a BIG window of time].

1. “You free for lunch this week?”
2. “You free for coffee in the next day or two?”
3. “You going to be home tonight?”
4. “What are you up to Sunday night?” [Invite for your Travel Party] 5. “When can you get in front of a computer for about 30 minutes today/tonight? [Long distance] [they will give you a time] Something like that gives them a big window of time to step into.

Second Step, you tell them when and where to meet. So when they reply back with, “I’m Free” The number above coordinates with the corresponding number below.

1. You text, “Let’s meet at the Chili’s on Main at 12, got something I wanna run past you.”


2. “Let’s meet over at the Starbucks on the corner of 1st & 5th around 4p, got an idea I wanna bounce off of you”


3. “I’m going to swing by around 7, I got an idea I wanna bounce off of you”


4. “Swing by my house around 7, I got something BIG I’m working on that I want to run past you”


5. “Cool, I’ll call you around ____ when you are in front of your computer. I’m going to give a sneak peek at something BIG I’m working on.

If they say, “Not interested”

[If they are NOT interested, you have said too much. They are trying to form an opinion of what you are trying to show them.]

But say any of the lines below to get them to “look”:

1. If I didn’t know what I know now, I wouldn’t be interested either.

2. If you had something that was really really good, would you call me? Well, that’s why I’m calling you.

3. Are you saying that you’re not interested? Or Are you saying that you are interested but you’re afraid or scared?

4. That’s cool, it’s probably NOT for you, but I’m going to show you anyway because I need some practice. [smile]

Here are some things you can say when they ask, “What is it?”

1. Worthwhile, valuable to me when I saw it, It’s worth looking at

2. Do I have enough credibility to get 45 minutes of your time?

3. My suggestion is to take a look at it, it’s something we have been looking for…  for a really long time.

4. A way to get out of the rat race

5. It’s  BIG

6. A chance to do it over and get it right this time

7. It could change the direction of your life

8. It’s a lifeline. In today’s economy if someone’s offering you a lifeline- reach out and grab it. I  don’t know if there are any other offers on the line

9. 2nd chance to get it right

10. It’s 90% visual It’s like a  movie…

11. I  can’t explain it over the phone. It’s like a movie…  I can’t explain it standing right here.

12. It’s  a  chance  to  get  your  self-respect back [self-confidence, dreams, self-esteem]

13. Security that a lot of  people  don’t  have  right  now

14. Personal independence

15. More time with family

16. Personal wealth

17. Freedom and a Better future

18. Improved life

19. When my friend told me… it was completely worth my time when I found out what it was.

20. Only promotion, only raise the only job that you might get offered this year.

21. I wasn’t open to things in the past but now I am and things are changing for me